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Creating Unforgettable Travel Experiences

At Eknos, we believe the way you travel represents your company. From corporate trips to events, we ensure every experience aligns with your standards. Our goal? To exceed expectations and make your travel effortless.

Because for us, it's about appreciation and excellent work, not just money.

Tour Reporting & Analytics

Insights for budget management and optimization.

Risk Management

Dedicated support for travel emergencies and crises

Streamlined Processes

Streamlined booking process and itinerary management



Discover our valued network of associate partners and clients, forming the cornerstone of our collaborative success story.

Our Expert Team Members

Meet our skilled team members – the driving force behind exceptional travel experiences. With expertise and dedication, they tailor each journey to perfection. Discover the faces shaping your unforgettable adventures.

Yogesh Co-Founder & Director
Manish Co-Founder & Director
Himanshu Head - International Events
Naveed Regional Head - South India
Priyanka Manager - Finance
Rohit Manager – Operations & Events
Katyayani Operations
Irfan Operations
⁠Hameed Operations
⁠Sarvanan Operations & Logistics
Salman Accounting & Finance
Priya Operations